What is Cloud Computing? What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

With cloud computing, you can leverage a broad range of flexible and affordable technologies with quicker implementation time so that you can innovate and build nearly anything you can imagine. You typically only pay for the resources that you actually need and scale as needed resulting in lower operating costs and an efficient infrastructure.

Host your high-traffic website
With public facing IPv4 and IPv6 networks and scalable resources, you can host your website using a virtual private server in the cloud. It provides you extra security, stability as well as excellent connectivity.

Develop and test code
There are various tools available to quickly allow you to build and test your applications using cloud based VMs. You can start off with the right compute template and utilize backups and snapshots to securely make progress. This results in a healthier software development life cycle.

Back up and store data
Keep your data secure and accessible in the offsite cloud. In case that your live data becomes compromised, you will always have your data intact in the cloud.

Stream audio and video
Deliver content to your audience anywhere, anytime, on any platform by leveraging highly accessible resources in the cloud.

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The cloud allows you put your ideas into action significantly faster than before. It puts an array of technologies within reach giving you the ability to experiment and implement your business goals.


The ability to scale your compute node allows you to provision the amount of resources that you actually need. You don't have to over-provision up front to handle growth in your business activity.


Cloud based VMs provides cost savings since you only pay for resources as needed. Gone are the days of costly 'racking and stacking' hardware setup and maintenance.


Virtual Private Servers can be deployed within minutes with just a few mouse clicks. This results in increased efficiency and convenient capacity planning.

Why choose our cloud compute services?

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Outstanding technical features

Your VM is packed with most updated features including full root/administrator access, public facing IPv4 and IPv6 networks, metrics and charts and much more. You choose from a variety of operating systems or install one yourself using an ISO. You can access your VPS using SSH or Remote Desktop as well as VNC. You can backup, create snapshots and maintain images and scripts.

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99.99% uptime

The network infrastructure that powers our cloud services delivers 99.99% uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance. We use redundant storage arrays, bandwidth providers, routers, power supplies and switches to provide full redundancy at all levels within our network. As a result, our network uptime is among the best around and we're proud of the outstanding' performance it delivers.

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Premium support

We aim to deliver a world-class customer experience with our cloud services. That's why we offer fast, reliable, and secure service that's backed by our experienced technicians, 24/7. We can work with your schedule and cater to your needs.

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Fast deployment

You can spin up a VM instance with a few mouse clicks and start using it in a few minutes. You can also quickly upgrade the Virtual Machine at any time as needed.