Use group passwords to safeguard your IP updates Use group passwords to sa...

Use group passwords to safeguard your IP updates


Dynamic DNS service allows users to update a DNS hostname such as (name.domain.tld) with a dynamic IP address so that when end users connect to name.domain.tld, it will always resolve to the current IP regardless of the IP changes caused by the Internet Service Provider. There are multiple ways to keep the hostname updated including but not limited to:

  • Router/firewall built-in update utility
  • IP update software

What is a GROUP?

One user account usually has multiple locations that need DDNS service. With multiple domains in the account, our system allows assigning multiple domains to different groups (domains belonging to the same group have the same IP address). The URL is below to send in the IP updates through the HTTP/HTTPS-based protocol:

Group Password
I need a separate login per domain

Each domain with a different IP address will be assigned to a different group. The password used to update the group in the IP update URL can be the user's Dynu account password, the separate IP update password, or the group password particular to that group. With the group password when the account holder gives the end user the update credentials, it will be unique to that end user and they will not have control over the whole account.

How to perform updates using the group feature?

Our IP update software supports updates using groups. The client side only needs to run the IP update software by logging in with the account username, group name and the group password.

Some routers/firewalls with built-in update utilities allow users to define a custom URL so users can use the URL above to have the router/firewalls send in updates with a group.
If the client has their own tool to send in the HTTP/HTTPS updates on a regular basis such as curl, the group updates can also be configured.

If you have customization requests or need assistance setting up your devices, please feel free to give us a shout!

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