Launch and scale in the cloud !

Highly accessible and resizable compute capacity for critical or resource-intensive environments

Superior performance packed with great features

Our public cloud is a perfect choice for your projects with an intuitive Control Panel, full featured API, extensive documentation, and responsive support.

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Powerful CPUs

In order to guarantee best performance and stability, only hardware components that have passed our maximum load tests will be offered to you. Choose the number of cores that best meets your performance needs.

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Hyperfast storage

The performance of your applications are boosted by NVMe SSD based storage. We offer you the option to upgrade as your storage needs change.

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Premium RAM space

More RAM space essentially enhances the capability and performance of your applications. We have taken this into consideration and ensured that compute instances come with suitable amount memory which can also be increased at a later time to meet growth.

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Redundant everything

Your business critical systems require utmost redundancy. Our cloud infrastructure is architected with redundant power, networking and cooling to ensure high availability. Storage arrays are used to ensure high availability and fast performance for your virtual private servers.

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Tier-1 network

Your VPS is connected to the internet directly with blazing fast 10 Gbps connectivity and include up to 5 TB/month outbound public bandwidth, unlimited inbound public bandwidth as well as unlimited private bandwidth. Public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are standard with all ports open inbound and outbound.

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Fast deployment

We know you are excited to start experimenting with your new cloud VPS and we share that excitement! Experience our streamlined installation and provisioning deploying your Windows, Linux, or BSD virtual private server in seconds! Sign up, pay, and get started right now!

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DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are constantly on the rise, so DDoS protection for your servers is now a necessity. Protect yourself from malicious DDoS attacks with a server from us. Our network provides built-in DDoS Mitigation so you can be 100% confident that your servers will be safe and protected.

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24/7 Support

All products and services include unlimited access to technical support resources at no additional charge. All issues including technical support, upgrades or downgrades, account and billing support, data center operations, API support and network issues are handled by our sales and support team with minimum delay.

Equip your creativity with advanced features!

Our virtual private servers are fully virtualized KVM based with dedicated memory, storage and networking resources. They can be accessed at the operating system level using Remote Desktop or SSH as well as the hardware level using VNC. Instances can be started, stopped or restarted and the operating system can be changed quickly. You can even set up reverse DNS for IP addresses or change the CPU emulation mode.

“You guys provide compute nodes with such powerful features and it is extremely appreciated!”

Customize to suit your needs!

Deploy any operating system from a range of Windows, Linux, or BSD based operating systems. You can change the operating system at any time within the Control Panel. You can even use your own ISO to build your instance.

“I just mounted my ISO and installed MicroTik using VNC. Thanks for the tutorial!”

View and understand VM instance insights!

You can monitor the health, capacity, and performance of your compute instance by reviewing metrics and charts provided in the Control Panel. These insights help you understand the CPU, memory, storage and network usage of your compute node.

“You are incredible! Thank you! And especially thank you for providing realtime and detailed statistics!”

Backups and snapshots!

Keep your VPS data safe by holding multiple backups. Make changes to your compute instance securely by utilizing snapshots. You can revert to a backup or snapshot conveniently as needed.

“Thanks to multiple snapshots, I was able to implement the perfect solution through trial and error!”

Get your projects priority support!

We provide responsive support to numerous customers, being a member your tickets will be flagged and routed to the top of our queue to ensure quick, accurate resolutions.

“Just received amazingly fast support response time to a question regarding firewall setup. Thank you!”


How long does it take to setup my instance?

Your VPS will be provisioned immediately after payment is processed. However, it will take a few minutes for the operating system to be installed on it. You will receive an activation email as soon as it is ready for use thereafter.

How is bandwidth usage calculated?

Your VM instance has 10 Gbps connectivity. Bandwidth usage is calculated based on your outbound traffic. We do not charge for inbound traffic or traffic on internal private networks.

What kind of virtualization do you offer?

We only offer KVM which is a true virtualization where the VPS operates as its own server, independently of the host node. KVM has no restrictions in terms of functionality and allows install of various operating systems.

What if I need support? Is support 24/7?

We offer support via a user friendly support ticket system. If there is an issue on which you require our assistance, contact us via the ticketing system and we’ll be glad to help 24/7.

Do you offer IPv6 and reverse DNS?

Each VPS comes with a static IPv4 address as well as a /64 IPv6 range. You can setup reverse DNS for the IP addresses in the Control Panel.

Can I install the OS using my own ISO?

Yes, you can mount your own ISO on to the VPS and install the operating system yourself.