Google domains sold to Squarespace, need a new DDNS provider? Google domains sold to Sq...

Google domains sold to Squarespace, need a new DDNS provider?


On September 7, 2023 Squarespace acquired all domain registrations and their associated customer accounts from Google Domains. If you bought a domain through Google Domains, your domain will move over from Google Domains to Squarespace for management and Squarespace does not have dynamic DNS support. If you are looking for a new DDNS provider, Dynu is your best choice. We are one of the oldest DDNS providers for over 2 decades and an ICANN accredited domain registrar. We will continue to offer DDNS free of cost with our domain registrations. You can follow a few simple steps to transfer your DNS and domain with us with minimal downtime.

Sign up for DDNS with us

Sign up for DNS service for your domain name using Option 2.

Update DNS zone

Your DNS records should be added automatically when you register the DDNS service in Step 1. If some of them are not, please compare the DNS records you have with Google and the ones in the 'DNS Records' section of the Dynu control panel and add the missing ones.

Change name servers

Once the DNS zone has been set up. You can go to Google Domains and change your domain's name servers to the below:

Place a domain transfer order

You may place a domain transfer order and submit the auth code to complete the domain transfer. Please turn off DNSSEC at Google before you transfer the domain name to avoid DNS resolution issue caused by propagation. We do support DNSSEC with our registered domains but suggest that you set it up at a later time when the domain completes transfer to avoid downtime.

Run IP update utility

You can set up DDNS updates using one of our free software or set it up in your router/firewall. You may find the configuration guide here.

If you want to keep the domain registration with Squarespace and use our DDNS service only, you can skip Step 4 and complete the other steps. The DDNS is free of cost if you have less than 4 DNS records, otherwise, you can become a member for only $9.99/year to have unlimited DNS records and have premium features such as priority support, IP update history log, DNS zone backups. The membership applies to the whole account, no matter how many domains you have.

If you have any questions, simply shoot us a ticket!

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