What to do if you lose access to your TOTP app? What to do if you lose ac...

What to do if you lose access to your TOTP app?


If you’re not worried about the security of your accounts, you’re ignoring a serious threat that’s confirmed by a neverending deluge of security breaches. Two-factor authentication is far more secure than passwords – many high-profile hacks could not have happened if a 2FA system had been in place. Even if a hacker manages to steal your password, they are still locked out.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) provides a more secure login process because when you (or anyone) attempts to log into your account, you'll have to have two pieces of information ready:

  • the account password
  • a one-time authorization code generated by a mobile application or an SMS text message.

  • This is like withdrawing cash from the AMT machine at the bank, which requires both a debit card and a personal identification number (PIN). The difference here is that you'll have to use a different authentication code every time you sign in, because an authentication code expires within a certain period of time. The idea is that you’re more secure if somebody needs both your password and the physical phone to get access to your accounts.

    How to enable two-factor authentication?

    Log into the Control Panel and go to Manage Credentials area. Click the Two Factor Authentication link and you will be shown instructions on how to set it up.

    Two-factor authentication

    What to do if you lose access to your TOTP app?

    TOTP is set up on your mobile device using an app such as Google authenticator. When setting up TOTP, you are also provided with a set of 10 backup codes. You can use the backup code to log in.

    If you have trouble logging in with the backup codes, please open a support ticket with one of them so that our support can verify your identity and disable TOTP.

    If you lost access to the authenticator app as well as the backup codes, please provide your account creation time, the hostnames in the account, account username, last logon time and billing addresses if any to verify your account to have 2FA disabled. The information does not need to be 100% accurate. Please provide the best you can so that our support staff can verify your identity and have the TOTP disabled.

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