Thunderbird for Windows Thunderbird for Windows

Sending and receiving email with Thunderbird Mail in Windows

Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email client. Here we use "" as an example to configure this email client.

Step 1: Add an email account

Listing Item   After opening Thunderbird, click "Email". A window will show up to ask if you would like a new email account. Choose "Skip this and use my existing mail".

Thunderbird Windows Setup

Thunderbird Windows Setup

Listing Item   In the following window, choose a name for your account, which would be the name that people see when they receive email from you. Here we will just use "Test". Then put your email address as the user name and the password you that set up for this account.

Step 2: Set up incoming and outgoing mail server

Listing Item   As you continue, you will see this window asking for incoming and outgoing mail server info. For IMAP account, choose type as "IMAP" and use as incoming mail server. Use IMAP SSL port 993. The authentication method is " Normal password ".

Listing Item   Use as outgoing mail server. Use SMTP SSL port 465. The authentication method is " Normal password".

Step 3: Verify account information

Listing Item   Now you can see your account on the left side of the email client interface. You just need to verify one last time the account information, particularly the information of incoming server and outgoing server.

Listing Item   Right click your email account(in this case,, and choose Settings tab, "Account settings" window will show up.

Listing Item  Click on Server Settings, and make sure that IMAP server is port is 993.

Listing Item   Click on Outgoing Server(SMTP) tab, verify the information of SMTP outgoing server. Make sure that SMTP server is port is 465.

Now we will be able to send and receive email using

NOTE: If you are using POP3 protocol, please change the incoming server address to, and POP SSL port 995. If you are using non SSL port, please refer here for port information.